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Carephar care health sincerely through our products, targeting chronic disease and tumor immunotherapy.

Carephar is established in 2002, it is an innovative pharmaceutical company, an aspiring leader in this field. We focus on cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and digestive diseases, Tumor immunotherapy. There are two R&D Centers, two Production Bases and one Sales Center. 

Carephar has already developed its own Research Production and Sale industry chain.

The company has developed a series of independent intellectual property products, and formed three core technologies, including: structure-activity research and chemical modification technology of medicinal monomers from plants, P-CAB Innovative drug development technology for gastric acid related diseases, and high selective small molecule targeted Innovative drug development technology.

The specific product pipeline includes: (1) Marketing Products include Nuoxinkang Injection & Naomaili granules, other innovative products in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular field.Specially, Naomaili granules belongs to the Chinese Traditional Medicine New Drug in the field of cardio cerebrovascular diseases. (2) Four New drugs of chemical drug class 1, one new drug of chemical drug class 2 and one new drug of traditional Chinese medicine class 1 were in clinical research stage( 3) Six small molecule targeted Innovative drugs in preclinical research stage and one class 1 new drug for therapeutic biological products( 4) More than 20 new chemical drugs of class 2 and 3 are under research;

Carephar has established a complete industrial chain of new drug R & D, production and commercialization, covering the discovery of new compounds, preparation development, clinical stage research, drug registration application and sales plan after marketing, and has established "Jiangsu cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drug technology research center", "Jiangsu cardiovascular and cerebrovascular targeted drug Center", "Jiangsu certified enterprise technology center", "Jiangsu postdoctoral fellow innovation practical base" and "Jiangsu enterprise graduation workstation" and other provincial workstations and research centers.

In the process of independent innovation action, Carephar builds up the intellectual property system. In 2013, Carephar was honored the first batch of "National intellectual property leading enterprises" by the government and won the 15th "China Patent Excellence Award". By December 31, 2020, 59 Invention patents and 52 registered trademarks have been authorized.

Carephar acted as the leading Unit in undertaking two national science and technology major special projects (major new drug creation) and two sub-projects of national science and technology major special projects (major new drug creation).

Rooted in Nanjing and viewed to the world, Carephar insists on the goal of Patient-centered and Clinical needs-driven, and keeps revolution ahead.