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API Base

API base Established in 2011, it covers area of 22030.44 square meters. The workshop of API is a U-shaped lay-out, it is divided into three floors.The first floor is composed of three synthesis rooms, public drying room and refrigerator room; On the second floor, there are two D-level refining areas, one air compressor room and some auxiliary function rooms; The third floor consists of two de-colorization rooms, purified water room, air conditioning room and nitrogen making room.

API of CDE RD: API of Esomeprazole sodium, R-Ibuprofen, Rivaroxaban

Annual production capacity of API:

Five synthetic lines

Four purification drying and packaging lines (class D)

Designed capacity:

250kg/year (batch.size:5kg) ; 2500kg/year (batch.size:50kg) ; 5000kg×2 batches/year (batch.size:100kg)