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Nao Mai Li

Product details

NaoMaiLi®  is a Traditional Chinese medicine in optimized formula. It is approved by the NMPA in December 2014 for the treatment of ischemic stroke.

Name: NaoMaili Granule

Component: LeonuriHerba, Notoginseng Radix Et Rhizoma, Astragali Radix, CurcumaeLongaeRhizoma, Chuanxiong Rhizoma,CarthamiFlos,SalviaeMiltiorrhizae Radix Et Rhizoma,PaeoniaeradixRubra,AngelicaeSinensis Radix,Paeoniae Radix Alba,Cyathulae Radix.

Character:Brown granule, gently fragrant, slightly bitter

Function:Tonifying qi and promoting blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals. Alleviatelimb weakness, hand and foot numbness and clonus, slow movement, walking inconvenience, language disfluency, dysphagia, dizziness and headache, tongue numbness and swelling caused by qi deficiency and blood stasis stroke..

Package: 10g/bag, 9 bags/box.Aluminum and plastic united sachet.

Oral Instruction: Take 1 sachet once, three times every day. Taking continuouslyfor 20 days is a course of treatment.

Shelf life:24 months in Sealed preservation and cool place.

State Standard: Approved by the State Administration of Food and Drug AdministrationYBZ02942003-2009Z 

Registration No: GUOYAOZHUNZI Z20143025

Manufacture by Nanjing CarepharShengHui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Address: Nanjing Lishui Economic Development zone(South).China

Overseas Market

Launched in Singapore In 2020; HongKong Registration was accepted; Russian registration in preparation.